• Dive into scripture

    One of the number one questions we get asked is "Is HeartSync Ministry Scriptural?" The answer is YES!! We will go through the Word to show you how scripture in context supports the work we do!

  • Learn the basic theory.

    Fr. Andrew Miller is a licensed clinician and so the HeartSync Modality was created from his observations in his private practice.  

  • Unpack the Brain Science.

    Each part or aspect of the heart corresponds to an area in the brain. So not only is Heartsync scripturally sound, it is scientifically backed. In the basic program, we teach you brain science in layman's terms. 

  • Experience the Divine Enounter.

    HeartSync Ministry is an experiential modality. In the Basic Program we will be engaging in a few divine encounters like described in the Bible. 

  • Understand the Core Parts.

    This is the toughest concept for most to wrap their brain around. Not only will we discuss the purposes and differences of the core parts, we will also get a few chances to see them at work. 

  • Be able to practice HeartSync Ministry on yourself.

    Most people by the end of this program will be able to engage with their own heart and Jesus to enhance your relationship with the Lord!.

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